SSH key config with BitBucket steps

There are six comparatively simple steps to configure SSH keys on BitBucket:

  1. Regionally create a pair Of private and public SSH keys with the ssh-keygen system
  2. Copy The worth of The genperiodl public SSH key
  3. Log into BitBucket and navigate to your Personal Settings
  4. Click on the SSH Keys hyperlink
  5. Add your BitBucket SSH Key to your Atlassian configuration
  6. Clone you BitBucket repo over SSH

When you add the BitBucket SSH key to your private settings, carry out a git clone opperiodtion using the BitBucket SSH URL. To Search out this BitBucket SSH hyperlink, click the Clone button on the touchdown Website of the repository You suggest to work with.

SSH key period

The subsequent command to genperiodte SSH keys runs in each House windows PowerShell and a Linux Terminal window:

PS C:sshbitbucketevent> ssh-keygen -t rsa -o -C "[e-mail protected]"

When requested for a passphrase and a location to retailer the BitBucket SSH keys, click return To merely settle for the defaults.

The which Method of the ssh-keygen decisions are as follows:

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