Add an current enterprise to GitHub steps

To push A mannequin new enterprise to an current GitHub repository, Adjust to these steps:

  1. Create a GitHub repository for The prevailing enterprise.
  2. Copy the GitHub URL for The mannequin new repo to the clipboard.
  3. Carry out a git init command Inside The idea folder of The prevailing enterprise.
  4. Add All of the prevailing enterprise’s information to the Git index After which commit.
  5. Add the GitHub repo as a distant reference for The prevailing enterprise.
  6. Carry out a git push operation with the -u and -f changees.
  7. Confirm that The prevailing enterprise’s information have been pushed to GitHub.

GitHub push tutorial instructions

Many DevOps professionals solely Want to know the Git instructions needed to push their current enterprise to GitHub. To save tons of these readers from going by way of The complete event, Listed right here are the Git instructions used On this tutorial. These instructions assume a push to a GitHub repo identifyd current-internet website, owned by a GitHub consumer identifyd cameronmcnz:

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