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With everyone from grade school students to retirees learning to code, you’d think that programming projects would run more smoothly. Alas, coding mishaps still occur here and there, and it even happens in huge organizations. Mistakes aside, the world of coding is certainly complex, but it’s still an attainable skill set for anyone who’s interested.

A great way to pick up coding is to immerse yourself in the subject matter, and that’s where the Complete Learn to Code eBook Bundle comes in. Available now for $30, this compilation covers modern programming fundamentals, with topics ranging from JavaScript, Unity and Python to blockchain, robotics and more.

Whether you’re aiming for a new job or understand that coding skills are valuable to have in your back pocket, this bundle contains the guidance you need to get started. With eBooks like ‘Hands-On System Programming with C++,’ ‘Clean Code in Python’ and the ‘Java 11 Cookbook,’ you’ll get up to speed with the most popular languages in play today, all of which are heavily utilized at major companies like Meta and Google.

Study professional-level lessons from eBooks including ‘Mastering Embedded Linux Programming,’ ‘Mastering Go’ and the ‘Julia 1.0 Programming Cookbook.’ You’ll also gain skills in bustling areas of the coding industry, like web development and blockchain programming with JavaScript, which can propel even a newbie to more advanced roles.

Course list:

  • Julia Programming Projects

  • Hands-On System Programming with C++

  • Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook

  • iOS 12 Programming for Beginners (3rd Edition)

  • Unity Artificial Intelligence Programming (4th Edition)

  • Learn Blockchain Programming with JavaScript

  • Learn Robotics Programming

  • Julia 1.0 Programming Cookbook

  • Learn Programming in Python with Cody Jackson

  • Python Machine Learning (2nd Edition)

  • Learn Python Programming (2nd Edition)

  • Python 3 Object-Oriented Programming (3rd Edition

  • Clean Code in Python

  • Mastering Go

  • C++ High Performance

  • The Modern C++ Challenge

  • Qt5 Python GUI Programming Cookbook

  • Python GUI Programming with Tkinter

  • Mastering Embedded Linux Programming (2nd Edition)

  • Java 11 Cookbook (2nd Edition)

With the right content, you can learn popular coding skills from the comfort of your own home. You can purchase all 20 eBooks in the bundle right now for $30, or less than $2 each.

Prices subject to change.

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